Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Experiment 11 Part 2 (Chapter 11) -- Less Drastic Voltage Changes

While I was turning the trimmer for the circuit I wired up for Experiment 11 Part 1, there was a large jump between negative and positive voltage on my multimeter. As the book described, I saw this jump appear somewhere in the middle of the range of the trimmer. (I also substituted a 1k for the 5k resistor the schematic called for...)

Using the concept of negative feedback on pin 6 of the LM741, I was able to reduce this large jump to a set of smaller incremental jumps in voltage that you can see in the video below. I'm still working on a more solid grasp of this concept of negative feedback, and going back a few chapters to examine the inner workings of the LM741 and pondering what's actually going on inside... it's starting to come together.

FYI -- I'm taking next week off to spend some time with my boys before their schools starts. I should be able to finish all of Chapter 11 this week, but I don't anticipate putting up any posts next week. Once school starts (the following week), I'll return with Experiment 12.

Experiment 11 Part 2 video below.

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