Monday, May 26, 2014

Still Gathering Supplies

I'm still gathering a few supplies before I begin documenting my work through the new experiments. I've read ahead through Experiment 6 and I'm fast realizing that I have a LOT of supplies already in my workshop although many components are buried in various boxes and containers!

NOTE TO SELF: come up with better organization solution for all the electronics stuff I've collected over the years!

Early in the book, Charles shows two analog gauges that he purchased to enhance Experiment 2. These gauges are NOT required for the experiment, but I do want to try and tackle any extra challenges or observations he recommends in the book, so...

I could not find the 0-10 microamp analog gauge he uses, but I did find a 0-20 microamp for about the same price. I did find the 0-50 milliamp analog gauge, however. The eBay seller is gardenthing and each device was approx $5US and shipping was free.

Hopefully any of you following along and wishing to own these two gauges will find the price the same on the items as well as free shipping. My total was $10.29US (no shipping charges) and I'll be sure to post a nice pretty picture when they arrive in a week or so.

Speaking of ordered equipment -- my three new breadboards arrived along with the jumper wire (three bundles, one per breadboard!). That order was placed on May 19 and the package arrived on May 24th. Not bad.

Variable voltage plug on left (from first book), three new breadboards on right.
These new breadboards are thinner... and inserting the voltage regulator required a bit more pressure to seat properly. I was worried I would bend the prongs, but it inserted okay with no damage. I may have to trim the leads on the variable voltage adapter (purchased during my work in the first book) so they can be inserted a bit deeper into the new breadboards... just feels like components must be inserted a bit further than with my older breadboard. Will have to experiment with this a bit, and I'll be sure to let you know what I find.

I'm almost ready to go... another day or two, and I should be tackling Experiment 1. Stay tuned...

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