Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update on Make: More Electronics

Just a quick update -- it appears the book has been pushed back from a February 2014 release to a late March release. Not a big deal -- I've written books myself that were delayed a month or two. Still looking forward to getting my copy and starting work on the projects.

A few other interesting things on the horizon. Make: magazine is going bi-monthly for a total of six issues per year (plus I'm sure they'll continue to publish those occasional special interest issues). The format will be larger and the page count is reduced, but as I understand it the larger format will still mean a bit more content than we were normally used to getting in each quarterly issue. I much prefer the more frequent issues, so this should be a good year for fans of Make: magazine.

FYI -- saw this interesting cover on the makezine.com website. Not sure if it's a mockup or not, but I sure do like the idea of building my own drone. Not sure if this is a standard issue or a special interest issue, but either way I hope it's legit.

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